About Us

Your shortest path to solutions.

Our Name

In keeping with our navigation roots we chose the name Geodesicx (a slight spelling variation of the word Geodesics). To understand our name, you must realize that there is a difference between spherical geometry and Euclidean geometry. Given that the Earth is (more or less) a sphere and the word geometry actually means “measurement of the earth,” it is understandable that navigation motivated the study of spherical geometry.

Given its curvature, there are no straight lines (using the normal definition of the word “straight”) on the surface of a sphere. Therefore, in spherical geometry the word geodesic is used and takes the place of a straight line that is used in Euclidean geometry. In Euclidean geometry a straight line is defined as “the shortest distance between two points,” therefore in spherical geometry, we expect geodesic to have the same characteristic.

In spherical geometry, a great circle is a circle on a sphere that divides the sphere into two equal segments. Therefore, Geodesics in spherical geometry are great circles and represent the shortest path between two points. As a result, ship navigators use geodesics to minimize the distance traveled.

Thus our tagline, “Your shortest path to solutions.”

Geodesicx, rebranded, September 1st 2015, continues to embrace a multi-focused approach to business. Dedicated leadership and expertise behind the technology and solutions remain, while retaining strong relationships with the customers they proudly serve. Geodesicx is about conceiving innovative solutions to complex problems as a primary strength along with a shared vision to look ahead with concentrated evolving solutions.

Geodesicx strives to make our jobs enjoyable, attract the best and brightest to work with us, and not compromise our values simply to get or keep work. We work hard to provide the best possible service to our customers, to be the best business partners we can be, and to empower our employees to do things right.