Our Work

From North America and Asia to Europe and beyond, Geodesicx has supported government and commercial customers with its unique capabilities.

What started out as a small Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (SDVO) company focused on navigation and engineering products and services has matured into a diverse corporation with a sphere of influence that spans the entire globe. From North America and Asia to Europe and beyond, Geodesicx has supported government and commercial customers with its unique capabilities.

Department of Homeland Security

Geodesicx has provided information technology services and programmatic, operational, technical, and administrative support to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) components, such as the U.S. Coast Guard and FEMA, for over five years; managing over 200 different task orders, delivery orders, and purchase orders. Under the DHS Program Management, Administrative, Clerical, and Technical Services (PACTS) contract, we deliver support services through two task orders in performing installations of 63 Electronic Charting Systems (ECS) on various Coast Guard cutters and boats throughout the United States. Other support services include engineering, technical support, and grooms of 12 Coast Guard High Endurance (WHEC) cutters in Virginia and California.

Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Geodesicx supported the analysis of radar requirements and recommended radar specifications for a new radar site at Jiloy Island for the Caspian Sea Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Proliferation Initiative TORP 97. Specific support tasks performed included analyzing various models of the Terma Scanter 2001 and comparing performance characteristics, as well as developing simulations of expected execution of detecting targets under a variety of weather conditions and at various antenna heights. Additionally, we investigated the proposed Jiloy Island site to ascertain its suitability for radar observation and to determine possible obstructions, interferences, or other limitations.

Egyptian Navy

Geodesicx performed a feasibility study and concept development and requirements analysis that resulted in the origination of the GX-100™, which emulates the basic functionality of the WRN-6 and its control indicators while supporting Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS) A or B channels. Through the U.S. Military Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program, we developed an Installation Design Plan (IDP) and then delivered a final design package and installation schedule for the Egyptian Navy. Before the final transfer of the equipment, we performed a site survey of an MHC in Ingleside, Texas to ensure optimum operation. Also through the FMS program, Geodesicx replaced the AN/SPS-64 on the Egyptian Navy’s MHCs with a Furuno FAR2127 25kW X-Band Radar. Additionally, we developed an interface from the FAR2127 to the AN/SPA-25 Radar Indicator. By implementing a concept development and requirements analysis and then testing it at our facility, Geodesicx engineers developed the UN-325™ Furuno to SPA-25 Interface. Full support included originating an IDP and delivering the final design package and installation schedule to the Egyptian Navy.

Marine Spill Response Corporation

Geodesicx was awarded a contract for the Marine Spill Response Corporation’s (MSRC) Equipment Recapitalization Program. A crew of Geodesicx field technicians upgraded and installed the electronic suites of MSRC’s 15 Oil Spill Response Vessels (OSRV) so they are in compliance with the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) standards. This grueling, but supremely important, project encompassed transforming equipment on the MSRC’s two types of vessels—the Trinity and Bender Classes—located across the country and providing on-the-fly engineering as needed.

National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration

Geodesicx provided the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) with an engineer to commission radar systems and appropriate accessories to perform as IMO-approved marine navigation radars. We performed this task in two phases; onboard the NOAA ship Ronald Brown and pier-side in Charleston, SC. Our technicians installed Z-Band2kW Chart Radar Systems, S-Band 30KW Chart Radar Systems, as well as a 25KW X-Band Spares Kit and an S-Band Spares Kit. After the equipment was properly installed, the completed radar system was inspected to verify it interfaced correctly with, and accepted inputs from, the ship’s available power, as well as gyro, speed, position, and AIS information. The radars were then configured and aligned based on Ronald Brown’s unique physical parameters and characteristics and then Geodesicx engineers concluded with a pier-side performance test.

U.S. Coast Guard

Geodesicx has provided hardware life-cycle support services for the Command Center Integrated Systems (CCIS) in support of the U.S. Coast Guard Command and Control Engineering Center (C2CEN) for over five years. Our field engineering services supported numerous systems, in addition to CCIS, including PAWSS, CGVTS, PCSS, and Hawkeye and Sector Command Centers, as well as remote sensors. We provided engineering support, design, site selection, optimization, installation, training, and maintenance of systems. Geodesicx also provided technical support services for the installation of Coast Guard Electronic Chart Systems (CGECS) aboard cutters and boats throughout the nation in support of C2CEN (now C3CEN-Command, Control, and Communications Engineering Center). We have performed hundreds of sensors and electronic charting installations on virtually all classes of Coast Guard cutters and boats. These systems provide the data required for safe navigation of waterways and facilitate the prevention of vessel collisions and groundings and, consequently, reduce the potential for damage of or, loss of, lives and property.

U.S. Navy

Geodesicx provided Naval Surveillance Radar Engineering and Logistics support services to the Virginia Beach Detachment of the Ship Defense Expeditionary Warfare Department of the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division. We fulfilled specific engineering and technical services associated with the AN/SPS-49 and AN/SPS-73 radar systems for U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, and foreign vessels in port or at sea, as well as for shore sites, land-based test facilities, and shipyards. The technical expertise we imparted included analysis of compliance, performance, reliability, and life-cycle costs. We also provided design improvements and assessed the maintenance, operation, integration, and testing of tactical surveillance radar detection and tracking systems. The fleet and land-based technical support we fulfilled during the engineering development, prototype model evaluation, and system maintenance phases included resolving system problems, conducting operator training, gathering system data for analysis, and managing ship grooms. Further support included logistics and software support and program and project management—all of which increased efficiency and cost savings.

United States Marine Corps

Geodesicx was awarded a contract to provide the USMC Light Armored Vehicle Command and Control (LAV-C2) Software Engineering and Integration support to enhance and maintain the LAV-C2 software system to ensure operational success.