Professional Services

Technical Program Project Management

Program Management is the coordinated method of handling a group of related projects to realize benefits and controls, whereas Project Management is the function of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques applied to activities to meet project requirements. Project Management is achieved through the application of proven and repeatable processes—from initiating a project through successful project completion.

Customer Features

We provide Program/Project management professionals who can help organizations “keep an eye on the ball,” managing multiple areas simultaneously, including scope, time, cost, and quality. By applying proper management techniques to all project and product life-cycle phases (i.e., initiation, planning, requirements gathering, design, development, implementation, production, delivery, support, and closeout), we help ensure organizations succeed in their efforts. We can provide support for low-cost projects as well as programs with national impacts.

Customer Benefits

Programs and projects routinely involve multiple stakeholders with diverse objectives and dynamic requirements. The timely and effective use of proven and repeatable best practices for managing programs and projects helps reduce risks and cost overruns, while increasing opportunities for success, by delivering the agreed-upon requirements from start to finish. This also ensures stakeholder satisfaction.

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