A Complete Perspective

From engineering and IT to training and logistics, Geodesicx provides product and services solutions for your C5ISR needs. We deliver a complete perspective to C5ISR life cycle support to meet the growing demands of our clients and continue to successfully design, develop, and implement solutions that integrate with your existing workflow while streamlining mission needs to accurately and timely provide strategic advantages with our team of expertise.

Command & Control

Geodesicx provides systems engineering support services for the installation of SeaWatch aboard 72 USCG WHEC-378, WMEC-270, WMEC-210, and WPB-110 Cutters. The SeaWatch system is a hardware and software technology refresh of the existing Shipboard Command and Control System (SCCS). SeaWatch consists of hardware, software, software licenses, networks, and other electronic devices.


Geodesicx provides installation and testing support to the government’s upgrade of the Integrated Bridge System (IBS), Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) and Tactical Communication Systems onboard US Army Landing Craft Utility (LCU) 2000 class vessels.


Geodesicx runs Enterprise Staging and Warehousing (ES&W) Facility for SPAWAR in support of the US Marine Corps Systems Command. At full operational capability the ES&W facility manages throughput of 3500 assets monthly / 42,000 assets annually. The assets are comprised of end user devices (EUD) to include, but not limited to laptops, desktops, high performance desktops, ruggedized laptops, or tablets; and infrastructure devices (servers, routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers). Geodesicx performs Receipt, Inventory, Integration, Kitting, and Shipping (RIIKS) process associated to the procurement of COTS hardware; distribution support for Enterprise Software License Agreement purchases; and provide engineering support of technology roadmaps, market research; and technical support to include modernization engineering, infrastructure, logistics and program management.

Combat Systems

Geodesicx designed, developed, and procured the required equipment and material to replace the existing SYQ-13 system and is providing technical support during the removal of the existing system and during the installation and light off testing of the Geodesicx CMS01-TNS Tactical Navigation Suite onboard the Egyptian Navy Mine Hunter Class (MHC). The CMS01-TNS is a two-network system that consists of three operator positions: two workstations and one Digital Maritime Operations Plot. It integrates the Combat System, and provides the tactical information and tactical situation displays necessary to assist the Commanding Officer/Tactical Action Officer (CO/TAO) in the planning and execution of MHC 51 Class missions. The tasks performed by the CMS01-TNS tactical navigation suite include sensor interface, navigation, contact/target positioning computations, and data storage/retrieval. The CMS01-TNS tactical navigation suite also provides the computational and display environment for output of ship control data (track keeping and hover maneuvering assistance) during mine hunting missions.

Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance

Geodescix provides both Level 1 and 2 Field Service Representatives (FSRs), including Arabic translator support to the Iraqi Navy( IqN) Maritime Surveillance System (MSS). The FSR technical support includes both corrective and preventative maintenance for all equipment that is a part of IqN MSS equipment. Additionally, the FSRs provide both basic operator and maintenance training for the IqN MSS.

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