Geodesicx is a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of Rutter Inc. equipment. Headquartered in Newfoundland, Canada, Rutter is a developer of radar and advanced radar signal processing technologies, from which specialized radar systems have been developed for the marine safety, security and environmental protection industries.

Geodesicx’s offering of Rutter’s product line includes their sigma S6 specialized radar systems that include the following:

  • sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection system;
  • sigma S6 Ice Navigator™;
  • sigma S6 Small Target Detection system; and
  • WaMoS II for wave height and ocean current measurements.

These systems provide high resolution radar imagery and use advanced processing functions to remove sea and weather clutter and other signal interference to increase target detection and tracking. They are ideally suited for demanding applications such as:

  • Oil spill detection and tracking;
  • Port & harbor security and antipiracy;
  • Vessel and offshore platform stability;
  • Coastal wave energy monitoring; and
  • Surveillance and search & rescue.

Geodesicx can provide these sigma S6 systems complete with the Rutter Radar-100S6 in either horizontal or vertical polarization; optionally, it can also be connected to existing marine X-band radars in a slave configuration.

As oil exploration moves towards environmentally sensitive areas, Rutter’s sigma S6 technology provides the real-time detection and tracking capability that is a key element in navigation safety and environmental protection.

Geodesicx’s technicians are certified to install and support Rutter’s products. And as a full-service company, Geodesicx can provide extensive follow-on support and training to meet our customers’ needs.