Geodesicx is a Certified SIMRAD Professional Dealer and Installer and a Distributor of C-MAP Products. Navico is a specialized marine electronics company providing navigation, marine instruments and fish-finding equipment to both the recreational and commercial marine sectors. Navico operates directly in 14 countries and has product distribution in more than 100 countries.

The Navico SIMRAD brand offers a comprehensive portfolio of navigation solutions for the commercial market, while C-MAP provides cartography and digital solutions to both recreational and commercial markets. LOWRANCE is targeted at fishing, particularly in freshwater and near coastal areas.

Navico products have been the foremost brand with undeniable innovation and pioneering technology for over 60 years, from Touch Sensible technology, to award winning radar technology and sonar imaging. Navico brands are built on its core technologies including User-Interface, Radar, Sonar, Instruments, Autopilots and Integration.

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