Interface Products

The Synchro-to-NMEA Converter enables communication between marine electronic devices such as sonar, gyrocompass, GPS receivers, and echo sounders onboard marine vessels.


Pulse to NMEA

The GX-910 changes pulse-style ship speed sensor outputs into NMEA sentences. It operates with a ship’s speed log that outputs a set number of pulses per nautical mile—typically 200 pulses though 400 is used by some manufacturers. The converter accepts the pulse inputs and generates a NMEA-0183 standard $VBVBW and $VBVHW sentences at user-selectable baud rates of 4800 or 38400 over several parallel RS-422 output drivers.

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True Wind Converter

The True Wind Converter accepts NMEA-0183 formatted inputs for a ship’s speed and heading and for the relative wind speed and direction. It produces a NMEA sentence with the true wind speed and direction.


Commercial Magnetron Radar Pre-Trigger

The GX-930 Commercial Magnetron Radar Pre-Trigger monitors the Furuno radar trigger pulse and transmits the correct Pre-Trigger pulse to activate the blanking circuitry in the AN/SLA-10B Blanker-Video Mixer Group. A self-contained unit, the GX-930 is provided in a NEMA-4X enclosure with a robust power supply and integrated front-end, trigger, and line-driver circuits.

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Synchro to NMEA

The GX-950 bridges the communication gap between synchro and NMEA 0183. Today’s standard communication protocol between maritime electronic devices is NMEA 0183. However, a variety of devices still output synchro data which makes interfacing an entire system challenging. Using a versatile, low cost, state-of-the-art, single chip, 16 bit monolithic synchro-to-digital converter, the GX-950 converts synchro output voltages and frequencies into standard NMEA 0183 serial data. The unit is user customizable including programmable resolution, bandwidth, velocity output scaling, and encoder emulation.

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True Bearing Transmitter (TBT)

Geodesicx’s TBT enhances waterway navigation by providing the charting system with extremely accurate bearings to shore-based navigation aids in real-time, eliminating errors caused by miss-read or off-center compass cards. By transmitting the bearing information in real-time to the charting system, the latency associated with voice communications over sound powered phones is also eliminated. The True Bearing Transmitter enhances vision based navigation technology as a portable kit that mounts on both the pelorus stand and on top of the compass repeater. When used with the standard telescopic alidade, it can provide the true bearing of an object on shore with an accuracy of ±0.1°.

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