We are proud of our status as a Veteran-Owned and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVO SB). The combination of former military personnel and private sector professionals has created a company of true subject matter experts that lead the way in technological advances.

Randall E. Hall

randy_hallCEO / President

Randall (Randy) E. Hall brings over 28 years of proven military, government, and management experience to his leadership position. While in the U.S. Coast Guard, Randy successfully made his way through the enlisted, warrant, and officer corps.

His esteemed military career provided him with countless technical and management skills that have proven vital to Geodesicx. His technical expertise includes: surveillance and navigation systems for maritime domain awareness; port surveillance systems including Sector Command Center Systems, Vessel Traffic Service Systems, Surface Search Radar, and Short Range Aids to Navigation; and Maritime Differential Global Positioning Systems—all core capabilities of Geodesicx.

Randy’s proven ability to manage people effectively stems from a Coast Guard practice he adopted in which you take care of the people who work for you. He proclaims that every success Geodesicx experiences is a direct result of its people and the reputation of quality they propagate. “If people enjoy their jobs and are inspired each time they walk through our doors they will be more productive.” Randy’s rational approach to leadership entails analyzing situations as they arise before reacting and empowering employees to resolve problems and develop business independently. Though he is always on-hand to provide support and guidance when needed, Geodesicx employees sense Randy’s trust in their capabilities and therefore continually aspire to meet his expectations.

Randy asserts that Geodesicx’s upstanding reputation in the industry is a result of the quality of its services and products. He personally extends the company’s reputation in the business community through involvement in civic organizations and participation in various industry events. He is a member of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, and is a charter member of the Small Business Insight Owners Council. As the company continues to thrive in many technological realms, Randy anticipates further expansion in Geodesicx’s products and operations overseas. The vision of Geodesicx’s global reach continues to be realized.

Randy holds a B.S. degree in Electronics Engineering Technology from Excelsior College and an (Executive) MBA from the College of William and Mary.

Zachariah S. Conover


Chief Strategy Officer
Chief Operations Officer

Zach Conover joined Geodesicx in 2010 as the Vice President of Business Development following Geodesicx’s purchase of the intellectual property (IP) of CrossRate Technology, LLC. Prior to Geodesicx, Zach was the founder and CEO of CrossRate. Zach is responsible for the strategic analysis, planning, and development of business solutions and opportunities primarily focused in the Charleston, SC region.

Zach served as an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, including both an operational shipboard tour and an engineering management tour.

Zach earned his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and later graduated with honors from the Drexel University Executive MBA program. He also served as the Vice President of the International Loran Association (ILA) 2010-2011.